History, Satire, and Hipster Aesthetics in Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause


This show totally didn't work on me. There were some good gags (self help American eagle was funny), and Dayna Hanson has an incredibly strong stage presence, but I didn't get a ton out of it otherwise. I had trouble connecting the movement with the narration, and other than "history!! freedom!!" the themes didn't really cohere. Workshop, I know, but I just couldn't make sense of it.
I felt as though I got a lot out of it. I thought it was compelling in the way that Hanson and her ensemble presented the themes of forgotten/neglected history, political hypocrisy, and modern ambivalence in this highly theatrical and spectacular way. In this way, it said to me "all of these things are ludicrous on their own. Look at them intertwined! Fucking crazy right?!"
However Alison, to partially agree with you, I am wondering, after thinking about the show again, I'm wondering what the one big idea was behind it. Or at least the one big idea they wanted to leave the audience with.