Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner and the Conversation Lags


Good stuff. "I just ... couldn't." Beautiful.
Hello, I directed Quaalude Beach, so feel free to pin the blame on me, Nicholas Bindeman.
Sorry if it was too loud and confusing for your tastes... whoopsies! I guess it can't all go down as easy as a chorizo burrito...
P.S. it was a decanter, not a carafe, DUH!
Sorry Nicholas I saw it too, and your piece made me think that you were intentionally making it "bad" or annoying. Then I felt as if maybe I did not understand what you were getting at, so what the F were you getting at? Art shouldn't make you feel dumb my friend.
I'm really curious what people did think I was getting at, so anything that you thought or felt during the performance would be great to hear. I had no intention of making anyone feel dumb, however, there is no clear narrative within the piece, and to some that can be frustrating. From the get go confusion is the word, the characters aren't even understanding what's going on!
It can be interpreted however you'd like, but the piece is intended to be a sensory one, not a communicative one. I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy it though, I had a great time with it though and I hope to work more with this sort of a production in the future so any thoughts/criticisms you have are all helpful, especially if you can tell me what was bad or why you were frustrated by it's lack of a specific, laid out idea.