Emily Johnson/Catalyst: The Thank-You Bar


But why did she have fish taped to her arms?
I walked out of this piece not knowing what to think, or what to feel. I found that it was frustrating in the ways that it made me work as an audience member to engage and see the piece. But upon leaving I remembered that I like pieces that make me do this.
I also thought that both Johnson and her crew seemed nervous (it was their first show in town), perhaps underprepared, and above all, very earnest. Which was off putting as I watched it.
But then again, walking away from it, pondering a little longer, I realized, I also found this to be in line with what Johnson was doing and the feeling of 'displacement' she was trying to get us in touch with.
I walked out of this piece thinking that it may not have been as professional or as sleek as many of the other things that I've seen at TBA this year and wondering what the big deal was.
But now, after letting it sit, I'm ok with that. And I think I would like to see it again.