John Jasper’s dance is anything but self indulgent!!

John Jaspers piece is about awkwardness, being uncomfortable and unhappy, to nightmare experiences in modern time. It is commentary on current everyday life we experiencing in 2010. The performance starts off with talking about the self doubts that all dancers experience while they dance. For non-dancers, just try a dance class and you will see the self doubt monologue is EXACTLY how you will feel.
The highlight of this dance piece is when it leads into a dreamy psychological landscape of the mind, with two women frolicking on the beach, to the sexual nightmare of being so objectified and dominated in a seedy bar, strip club, or hip hop video scene , that the “sexiness” of these scenarios no longer seems appealing.
The second half of the show in all white is about conformity and commentary on upper class. It also touched on awkwardness and unhappiness of conformity and class, or social circles. It is also a commentary on literally “commercialism”.

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