An Evening with Taylor Mac


A quick follow up here that I wanted to mention in the post but didn't: Cathy Edwards seemed not only tired last night when giving Taylor Mac's curtain speech, but also sad. Has anyone else seen her talk publicly in the festival yet? I wonder if she's bummed already to be leaving. What else could be going on? I wanted to give her a hug while she stood up there listing off sponsors...
I'd agree, Noah, that when all was said and done it felt... I dunno. Kind of slight? Mac made a lot of good, clever, and sometimes very moving points, but the overall performance didn't cohere so much as it felt like a lot of kickass Bowie covers interspersed with some really smart, surprising, engaging stage banter. Still: Definitely recommended.
This has been a very divisive show this year. I saw Taylor Mac the last time around and LOVED his solo show, but this one definitely left me wanting. There was a lack of theme, a bit too much pandering, and the covers (on the night I saw it - Friday) were rushed and a bit sloppy. Maybe it's the self-imposed "constrictions" of the Cabaret form, maybe I don't like shows that are about a bad review the artist got, but I feel like Taylor Mac has, can, and will do so much more.