Terrifying Women's show was 1 hour and 15 minutes. Get a watch, asshole.
Where's the egg timer?
My piece WAS NOT loosely structured! I memorized it!!!
i couldn't hear you.
Did anyone notice that I peed? Does that count for anything?
I didn't know you'd pee'd, wish I'd seen it, was looking at myself most of the time.
Funny how such "terrifying women" are so ruffled by a little valid criticism. If you only want to perform for your friends (who "get it" and think you're just swell), have a private show and don't waste everyone else's time, energy and resources.
I can only speak for myself and everyone else when I say that only with time can terror flourish.
The Annoying Women show may not have been 2 hours but it felt longer. It gave self-indulgence a bad name. I wish your spot had gone to people who might have bothered to do something with the opportunity beyond showing off and amusing their friends.
I think we give self indulgence a good name. And I don't feel that ruffled but I don't like being mis-timed.
And meanwhile people all over the world kill each other. I am grateful for the opportunity to perform and to discuss my work.
So what's your work all about? For real. Why should I care? Sell me. I know nothing about you.
I will grant you that your piece was better than people all over the world being killed, but so was my kidney stone. Come on -- sitting through your performance was for the most part like being stuck on a bus with a group of drunk teenagers, and I say drunk because drunks tend not to notice when they're not as entertaining as they'd like to think. Surely you know that you flopped. Maybe you're talented and wonderful but how would I know?

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