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Perhaps it was something you wanted... perhaps it was not, but Netflix is now streaming the Full House reboot Fuller House, and here's what the critics are saying about it!

From the New York Times:

Netflix’s “Fuller House” is not good, but that’s arguably the best thing the show has going for it. To make a “Full House” sequel “good” — less formulaic, more innovative — would be like baking an artisanal, organic Hostess CupCake: You could do it, it might be delicious, but it would be a betrayal of the product. This is, after all, a franchise whose theme song begins, “Whatever happened to predictability?”

What Netflix instead promised, with the debut of the 13-episode season Friday, is a memory: the experience of once more ripping open the plastic wrapper, sinking your teeth into squishy cake and feeling the rush of sugar, chemicals and whipped air.

The first bite is sweet and familiar. The second, a little cloying. The third, the fourth… something is off. Maybe the recipe has changed, or you have. “Fuller House” begins as a sitcom family reunion. It becomes a self-conscious, dated and maudlin reminder of the ceaseless march of time and your inevitable demise.

From the Los Angeles Times:

...As revivals go it is more than usually successful and true to the spirit of its predecessor. (Creator Jeff Franklin is again in charge.) And there are lovely performances from the new adults in the room, Sweetin especially.

If it has a fault — which some viewers, I am sure, will consider a delight — it's that it requires strenuous cuteness from its younger players.

From Refinery29:

And now, after months of teasing, trailers, and talk, we’re finally getting season 1 of Fuller House. And oh my goodness, is it terrible. No, really; it will actually depress you to watch it.

…Listen, I wasn’t expecting Fuller House to be Veep. I just wanted it to be watchable — especially considering that it's coming to us from Netflix. I feel like "just wanted it to be watchable" is a pretty low bar for a devoted fan of the original to have. Instead, it’s a disappointing, unfunny reminder that maybe the trend of rebooting the objects of our most nostalgic desire needs to end.

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From the A.V. Club:

Fuller House doesn’t deserve mercy. The show isn’t just bad, it borders on the obscene, as much an affront to those bemused by a reboot of the sitcom that anchored ABC’s once-mighty T.G.I.F. comedy block as those receptive to it. But to attack Fuller House on conceptual grounds is wrongheaded, considering the same blindfolded nostalgia led the deep-pocketed streaming service to order a Wet Hot American Summer series, reconstitute Mr. Show as With Bob And David, and green-light four new Gilmore Girls movies. Netflix’s reboot magnanimity has been such a blessing, it’s heartbreaking to see Fuller House emerge as the perverse result.

So what you guys are saying is... you liked it?

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