We keep hearing about Bernie Bros—they're sexist shitbags! they're media hype! they're sexist shitbags and media hype!—but what about Hillary? Doesn't she have any bros of her own?

She does!

Bros4Hillary on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook. But who are these bros?

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Bros4Hillary is an all-volunteer community of progressive and inclusive men and allies. Our mission is to promote the multitude of social and critical issues platform introduced and supported by our Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is our primary goal to engage our diverse community with thought provoking, intelligent conversations and fact-based, research-driven discussions. To connect with any of the B4H team members listed below, please email us at bros4hillary@gmail.com.

#loveandkindness. That's what a #Bros4Hillary is all about. #ImWithHer #giveemhill #HillYes #HillaryBros

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Being respectful of others, love and kindness: "That's what a #Bros4Hillary is all about," says Bros4Hillary.