It's not a good sign when you walk in for your personal training session to be greeted with the question: "Ribeye steak AND wine?! Where's my whip?"

However, it is a sign that you are in for a rough workout, and that steak and wine will be rattling around while you try and row 250 meters in a minute, rush to finish as many ball lifts as you can in a minute, and then do one legged squats till you fall over.

It's the consequence of having StudioX Fitness owner and trainer Tim Irwin have exclusive access to a log that contains everything that my gluttonous self eats. (In defense of the steak — I had NO IDEA that ribeye has so much fat until AFTER I put it in my log. I have no excuse for the bottle of rose I drank with it).

I should have updated since my last post in February. But I've been resisting writing about my fitness progress with StudioX for one big reason: I have an extreme aversion to becoming one of those lady-bros who only posts pictures of her runs and talks about her workouts.

Those people more boring than the last few seasons of Homeland, but I "hate follow" these people on Instagram nonetheless.


But I've been keeping up with twice weekly group classes and weekly personal training sessions, as prescribed when I started this quest in January.


And results are showing! I got a full body measurement again, with pen marks denoting my roundest points like chubby girl stigmata, while Irwin (a very fit human) ran circles around me with a measuring tape. In just under two months, I lost four inches from my hips, 2.5 inches from my waist, two inches from my thighs and a half inch from my biceps. I have shrugged my way into a tunic dress I had abandoned for lost.

This is mostly thanks to the workouts at the gym, I think. One class in particular, Burn, is an hour-long endurance test of sprints, really fast bike riding, jumping onto boxes, push-ups and other tortuous motions. I am so very sweaty when done, which is slightly embarrassing considering most people in the class are approximately 110 pounds.

As for weight, it hasn't come off too much, mostly thanks to the fact that I'm still eating bao with pork belly and eggs benedict. Irwin says that I'm also forming muscle as well, which shifts the weight around to good pounds. Irwin has attempted to encourage me to cut the percentage of fat in my diet, by doing things like not eating egg yolks (NO WAY JOSE), or just not eating as much (OK, we can work on that).

With two weeks left to go, we're on a push to cut my calories back and keep reducing my fat intake. No avocados on days where I'm reviewing fried chicken, for example. It's incremental, but frankly, I don't think I could do this any other way.

So often with diets (and other self-control related activities) I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl. Like, no sugar for a month, followed by ALL THE SUGAR for 11 months. So it's helpful that over the last few weeks I've been nudged toward better habits in general—like having a salad for lunch the day I go out for a review dinner. This sounds like simple common sense, and it is, but it's also just not something I had considered until forced to log it all in an app. It's something that I can sustain long term.

Oh, and I can totally do push ups now. They're the "girly" ones from the knees. But considering that two months ago I fell on my face trying to do one, this is revelatory. My goal: being able to pound out a couple of straight leg push ups by the start of summer. Preferably like the ones this chick does.