From one bookslut to another, I sure am going to miss Jessa Crispins long-running lit blog.
From one bookslut to another, I sure am going to miss Jessa Crispin's long-running lit blog. Vimvertigo

GOD DAMN IT. The excellent lit blog Bookslut is shuttering after 14 years of devoted books coverage, according to a tweet posted by editor Jessa Crispin:


In a post on the site today, Crispin expanded on her tweet, writing, "We'll be having a wake for our dear little slut, May 6, at Melville House in Brooklyn. It's fitting that we're ending things there, because Dennis and Valerie have been my absolute loudest supporters and allies since the very beginning, and Moby Lives was the one that started it all."

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Ugh, you guys, I really liked Bookslut. There are plenty of new-school books blogs out there now (the Los Angeles Review of Books is my current fave!), but Bookslut was one of the first places on the internet that I saw (a) presenting an alternative to the books coverage in more mainstream publications, (b) spotlighting more experimental writing, and (c) running bylines that skewed towards smart lady writers. From one bookslut to another, I'm gonna miss you guys.

You can still dig into Bookslut's archives for nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, which will be maintained on the site "until the apocalypse comes," according to Crispin's post. And if you are a person who reads, you absolutely should.