Dear Christians: Let's Talk About Grammar


You missed a big one, sillybilly. The word "is," is correctly spelled in lower case, or upper and lower case, but not all in upper case, as it is, in the bill board.
The King James Version is most eloquently translated in perfect English, in all likelihood by a ghost like Francine, only smarter; William Shakespeare.
There are more than eight hundred Prophecies in The Bible, on about twelve hundred different topics, and around eighty percent of them have all come true. The remaining twenty percent, or so, are all for the future; most of which are to take place within a seven year period of time. This is statistically impossible. The best success rate of secular prognosticators, such as Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce is about sixty percent. That's amazing and also defies all scientific odds, but the Bible is one hundred percent accurate and states that if even so much as one prediction turns out other than as foretold, that the entire compilation must be destroyed, the forecasters stoned to death, and all predictions to be forgotten; even the accurate ones.
There would seem to be only two Prophecies left to be fulfilled before the Great Tribulation is to begin, with the signing of a peace treaty for the protection of Israel, by and between the seemingly benevolent dictator of the one World government, and the leader of the one World religion.

1. The Rapture.

2. Damascus will be taken away from being a city and will become a ruinous heap. (Isaiah 17).
That is a sick burn on Christians, Humph.
This would be a more compelling takedown if you hadn't confused "infer" with "imply". Just sayin'.
WSH, I just turned you in to a secret organization that deals with problems like this, good luck.
I meant, I brought your concerns to the appropriate authorities who will take care of this problem, without prejudice.
I was raised Fundie, and one of the things that turned me from the church was reading 'adult literature. Has anyone read the fire and brimstone stuff? Random capitalization, horrid grammar and sentence structure that would make a youtube commenter blush.
Although grammar is important, it is also important not to correct others when you don't know what is correct. According to the OED, both "from" and "of" are perfectly acceptable with "evidence".
* "for" and "of"
The most important thing is that before the Holy Spirit came over The Mother of God, there was a fluttering of feathers, and a cooing sound much like pigeons fighting for food in anywhere USA. This event was so spell binding, God said this little guy will be made in my image. Remember, Mary was about 12 years old and had never been with man, ever,she was a virgin.
A few months later she gave birth to a precious son. He is still the most popular man in the Christian World. Grammar,Smammer, it happened just like this, and God was too damn busy to make a grammar contest out of the birth of the Son of God.
Hey, you know, why not let these Christians have their fun? After all, God revealed to them his plan to save the pagan metropolis of Portland Oregon through these horrible billboards, without regard for grammar or graphic design. Let them enjoy their happy feelings. It fails as a convincing message because just like with babies, Portlanders know that God will wake them up with his screaming all night long.
There are actually two errors in the King James Version, which was translated from the perfect texts found at Antioch, as verified by the more recent discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The name Lucifer would be more accurately translated: "O clear sounding, boasting son from the beginning"

Also, Genesis 1:2 "and the earth was formless and void", is in error in most English translations. It should read, "and the earth became formless and void." The Hebrew word translated "was formless" in English versions of the Bible is "toh-ho" a verb which means, "to lay waste".
Hey dumbass, you mean "imply" when you say "infer". So, (sic) on you, the future, before you nitpick someone else's grammar like an odious, insufferably quotidian pedant...make sure the mote is out of your own eye, firstly...