Cyrus G. Etemad? That guy has some GREAT anagrams!…
I wouldn't mind the Hawthorne so much if they would actually give a shit about the neighborhood. They NEVER clean up the trash left behind after a show, and it ends up in mine and my neighbors yards.

It would also be nice if they had some kind of pre-show crowd control to keep the sidewalks accessible. They don't because the fat assed bouncers are too fucking lazy to get off of their stools to walk down the street.

I don't wanna see another venue close, but I would like to see them address the issues that make them a shitty neighbor. I actually kind of like to sit on my back porch and listen to stuff on occasion like I did when Fucked Up played there the last time.
The new owners will renovate with the promoter helping with the heavy lifting. After he gets his shoes all covered with paint, the rent will be raised, as result of improvements. He'll get pissed at his profits being squeezed, and start renting out other venues on an as need, basis. Watch. I've seen this shit go down, before.

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