Unpeeled: Laura Palmer's DEATH Parade - "Salty Arms" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

Here's the exclusive premiere of Laura Palmer's Death Parade's "Salty Arms" video, the first installment of Portland production company Banana Stand's new "Unpeeled" video series. If you're not familiar with Banana Stand's work, check out their website—for nearly a decade the local cottage industry has tirelessly championed local music, holding secret shows and subsequently releasing live albums and videos. Producer and co-founder Aaron Colter explains,

"Banana Stand is coming up on our ten year anniversary in 2017 with an eye on releasing a total of 100 live albums. It's been amazing to have so much support, but it's still a lot of work for about a dozen or more people for each album. Even though we've worked with so many bands, there are still so many more. So, this was an idea from a couple of a our members, Darren and Michael, as a way to showcase more of the city's talented artists with a bit less time commitment. One camera, one mic—usually one from our friends at Ear Trumpet Labs. Shooting artists in their homes or other places where they create has been a fun way to capture people in their truest, stripped-down form—hence "Unpeeled," which probably isn't as clever of a title as we hope."

Laura Palmer's Death Parade is the Lynchian moniker of Laura Hopkins, whose offbeat folk is haunting and soulful. On this track Hopkins seeks temporary refuge in "Salty Arms," singing, "I don't want to love you after this." She'll play the Alberta Street Pub next Friday April 8 with a super special secret guest.