I can’t be the only one that knows Hammy’s as the late-night pizza delivery saints. But if you're out and about, Hammy’s hearty take-out options are the perfect late-night, post-bar, sober-me-up choice. These take-out servings are a thick book of pizza that resemble an inside-out Hot Pocket more than anything else, but rest assured: the bread/sauce/cheese ratio is still on fleek.

Bri Brey

Aptly named after the goddess of wisdom and olive cultivation, Hammy’s vegetarian slice, the Athena, is a judicious Mediterranean combo with a house-made pesto base, Greek olives, feta, and fresh tomatoes, all with crispy cheese broiled atop. The pesto is punchy and radiant, and matched to a tee by the salty olives and creamy cheese.

Bri Brey

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Meanwhile, the Brekkie, Hammy’s hearty meat option, is a combo of garlicky, herby potatoes with bacon. Again the sauce stars, a house-made red this time, and a fresh topping of scallions adds a light touch.

Hammy's Pizza, 2114 SE Clinton, hammyspizza.com. Hammy's Pizza Week slices available April 18-24, Sun-Sat 4 pm-10 pm, take-out only. For more about Pizza Week, see portlandpizzaweek.com.

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