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With a crisp crust and just the right amount of kick (thank the roasted red peppers, red onions, and the artichoke hearts, which are marinated in both pesto and oil from Mama Lil’s Peppers), Mississippi Pizza Pub’s Vegan Buddah Pesto slice is already great—but it’s also vegan, which goes a long way in a lineup that’s otherwise very focused on meat. While most vegan attempts at non-vegan food end up just being depressing, Mississippi Pizza Pub has ensured their Vegan Buddha Pesto is 100 percent delicious by sidestepping the usual pitfalls of vegan offerings (thank god, there's no weird fake cheese). And as if the above toppings weren't enough, there’s more: spinach, garlic cloves, white mushrooms! Swinging by Mississippi to for a slice of the Vegan Buddha Pesto—best enjoyed in the pub's friendly, old-school interior—is a an excellent idea for everyone embarking on Pizza Week, regardless of one's vegan or non-vegan status.

Mississippi Pizza Pub, 3552 N Mississippi, mississippipizza.com. Mississippi Pizza Pub's Pizza Week slice available April 18-24. For more about Pizza Week, see portlandpizzaweek.com.

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