Bri Brey

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Leave it to a brewery to incorporate beer into almost every element of this amply topped slice. Rather than the traditional sauce-and-cheese combo, the Ballelujah uses cheese as sauce in what the chefs at the Old Town Brewing Co. are calling a “beerchamel”—a play on a béchamel cheese sauce—deglazed with Kolsh ale. Atop the Ballelujah is one of Old Town’s favorite menu items: hearty pork and beef meatballs. The perfect little meat Frisbees are spiced generously (the secret is a dash of nutmeg, shhhhh), and balance nicely with caramelized onions. Fresh jalapeños and tomatoes add pop and brightness. The crispy thin crust is fresh as hell, derived from dough made daily (not the night before, like some pizza joints). While that approach may be more work for the prep cooks, and while I’m sure there will be many tears shed thanks to making all those caramelized onions, they’re happy to do it for you pizza lovers.

Old Town Brewing Co., 5201 NE MLK, otbrewing.com. Old Town's Pizza Week slice available April 18-24, Sun-Sat 11:30 am-10 pm, dine-in only, limit two per customer, whole pies available. For more about Pizza Week, see portlandpizzaweek.com.

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