Sizzle Pie

The downtown Sizzle Pie has not one but two delectable slices for your Pizza Week needs. The Yin Yang Theory is, like its namesake, the epitome of balance, with sweet and spicy flavors blended into perfect equilibrium. Unlike the black and white of your typical yin and yang, this festive pie contains all the colors of Christmas. The Spicy Aardvark tomato sauce wonderfully lifts the sweet hunks of pork that are nestled inside chewy pockets of cheese, while some lightly smoked mozzarella adds a gentle complexity, all topped off with crisp green onions.

Sizzle Pie

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The other slice, Dagger Moon, is named for a song by the legendary Oregon rock group Dead Moon, whose drummer, Andrew Loomis, tragically died last month. “Dagger Moon” is a desperate blues howl, but the pizza version is a vegan-friendly delight, with succulent flavors and a terrific blend of spices. A look at the vegan pizza evidences plenty of green, crisp spinach, which is cut by orange-yellow chunks of tofu cheese and some bright stabs of color from the banana peppers. The white bean base is filling and creamy, and some red onion and stick dust makes this a rounded marvel in your mouth. You won’t be asking this Dagger Moon to be releasing you from its spell anytime soon.

Sizzle Pie Downtown, 926 W Burnside, Sizzle Pie Downtown's Pizza Week slices available April 18-24, 11 am-9 pm. For more about Pizza Week, see

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