Sizzle Pie

This Sizzle Pie wants you to have both a meat and a vegan option for Pizza Week. Both bring some spice. The Bodhisattva (“Bodhi” to its friends) has the best flavor composition of all the Sizzle Pie slices: Sweet pineapple and smoked mozzarella hold curled-up, mini-pepperoni rounds that sit scattered among cuts of jalapeño. Handle with caution; those peños add up.

Sizzle Pie

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Meanwhile, the vegan Crusher goes in an inventive direction that vegan pizza needs to go: Crunchy asparagus tips, banana peppers, and white onion mix in with blobs of gooey tofu cheese on a tangy sauce of roasted red pepper pepita. It’s very satisfying and it almost feels kind of healthy? Both slices hold that enviable state demanded of New York-style pizza: When pinched gingerly between thumb and forefinger, their tips strike out like patriotic pendants. No droops.

Sizzle Pie East Burnside, 624 E Burnside, Sizzle Pie East Burnside's Pizza Week slices available April 18-24, 11 am-9 pm. For more about Pizza Week, see

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