Police Don't Show Up For Oversight Meeting; Frustrated Committee Votes To Legally Force Them To Show Up next Time


The police only seem to want to interact with citizens when they can feel free to abuse them.

Really. a cup of water? Poor bunnies!
When did cops become such woosies? Seriously, I don't get it. I read that the IPR finds in the cops' favor around 80% of the time, but I guess that's not good enough.
I also read that our last City Auditor declined to run for office again, saying the PDX police had put a target on her forehead for auditing them, and the current City Auditor called them out early in her term for systemically targeting anyone critical of them. In court this week, the judge declared police testimony was "not credible" and found in favor of Teressa Raiford, a local activist that had been targeted and falsely arrested by Portland police for the crime of criticizing them while being black.
Wow. #CopsLiesMatter
But what do you expect from a group whose leader objected to federal review by Judge Simon after failing the DOJ's brutality investigation, whining, "why do we expose ourselves to the scrutiny of those who have never walked in our shoes?"
Clearly, they're not afraid of Judge Simon and the DOJ. But water, oh my!
And we thought only witches were afraid of a little water.

I have always found meetings to be a complete waste of time. Just send out a memo. If that doesn't work, then sue.