That should about do it.

In the last big update of Multnomah County ballots, Reading Frenzy owner Chloe Eudaly has further extended her lead on architect Stuart Emmons to 1,559 votes. With current tallies in Washington and Clackamas counties figured in, that means Eudaly's got the second-place spot in the race against Commissioner Steve Novick by 1,501 votes, enough to avoid an automatic recount.

Since Novick didn't secure more than 50 percent of the vote on Tuesday, he and Eudaly are headed to a runoff in November. County Elections Director Tim Scott notes that there are still ballots that will drift in from other counties (Portland residents can drop their ballot into official boxes all over the state, and do). But it's highly unlikely those votes would change the result.

Eudaly's late surge reverses what looked like a surefire Emmons/Novick race Tuesday night. Conventional wisdom about younger, more-liberal voters casting ballots late certainly proved true in this case. Eudaly, an outspoken advocate for policies like rent control and ending no-cause evictions, was trailing Emmons by thousands of votes Tuesday night, but kept gaining as results trickled in.

Eudaly beat Emmons despite a significant financial disadvantage. Emmons pulled in $130,000 since declaring he'd run last year, and spent all but around $10,000 of it. Eudaly raised and spent around $25,000.

Stuart Emmons: At the beach, at present.
Stuart Emmons: At the beach, at present. Doug Brown

As we noted yesterday, her strong showing may be a boon for Novick, who's made no secret of the fact he'd prefer to go up against Eudaly. That's because much of Emmons' support came from real-estate types who might be leery of Eudaly's policy ideas, and decide Novick's not the anathema he was frequently made out to be during the primary season.

We've reached out to both Eudaly and Emmons for comment.

UPDATE, 5:05: "I'm at the beach!" says Emmons, who called us from an Astoria gas station. He'd just gotten off the phone with Eudaly, he says.

"Chloe and I have felt like we're cohorts together instead of competitors," Emmons says. "We both agree that Steve Novick is a disaster for the City of Portland." (Emmons and Novick basically hate each other).

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He calls the fact that Novick secured less than 43 percent of the vote (according to current totals) "a very strong mandate" and says he'll do whatever he can to help Eudaly win in November.

"I'm not done," he says before we hang up. "I'll be back."