Dan Saltzman Is Proposing A New Construction Tax to Fund Affordable Housing


New tax proposal? I must be in an alternate universe. Portland hasn't seen a new tax proposal in at least 15... or maybe 20 minutes.
F*** u dan. Are we stupid? Raise minimum wage? okay maybe we are that stupid. But more taxes and more fees- like that is going to solve anything? Like I said, f**** u Dan.

How many are too stupid too know that what is on the market is all different versions of the same thing? How many are too stupid to know there can be no gain in leverage when you tolerate a monopoly? Ohh right that would actually be every protester in city hall- they are actually shouting their demands to have more of the same. Okay well Dan is your guy Portland, and you got what you wanted- tax hikes, band aid fees, and more un-affordable housing that has absolutely no power to drop rental prices for you.

Did I say f*** u dan?