Yesterday we spotted this potentially blasphemous article titled, "In Defense of Voodoo Doughnut," over on Medium.
Has it come to this? The end of days? In what parallel universe is Portland actually defending Voodoo Doughnuts and not throwing them to the tourism wolves?


Turns out it's a universe that makes a lot of sense. One that we briefly visited last week when Los Angeles Magazine published this piece telling us to "keep our stupid doughnuts."

Here's our response, that basically boils down to, "Shut up LA! No one insults our novelty doughnuts but us!"

This new defense of Voodoo makes a few key points:

*Voodoo is a Portland institution, whether you like it or not.

*Without Voodoo, places like Blue Star wouldn’t exist.

*Blue Star—or any other fancy doughnut—as it turns out, is still just a fucking doughnut.

*If it isn’t quirky donuts that we promote, what is it? Probably something shittier.

I'd like to add that whatever you think of the actual taste of the doughnuts, you can't deny that Voodoo's celebrity tributes are pretty awesome.

The full defense is worth a read, but here's an excerpt:

People in Portland look down on Voodoo for the same reason they look down on Beaverton: they’re just making conversation. Most donuts at Voodoo are between $1 to $2. Can you even get a cup of coffee in Portland now for that? A dollar for a donut isn’t bad, even if it is a little stale. When people talk about how much better Blue Star is than Voodoo, all I hear is “I can afford to spend $30 on a dozen donuts, so I’m very important, AS YOU CAN TELL.” It’s the Portland version of wearing a chinchilla coat, or carrying a tiny dog around in a $900 purse.

Does that mean Voodoo is the blue collar doughnut of the people? Not exactly, but maybe we should quit talking shit about them just because it's easy.

Next time you see that pink box, rethink that eye roll. Or as the article suggests:

Maybe next time your out-of-town friend suggests going to Voodoo, you hold your tongue. Maybe instead, you let them have their moment. Maybe you go wait in that stupid line in Old Town, buy a stale donut with cereal on it, look at your friend, and say “This is great, isn’t it? Please don’t move here.”

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Remember, it's just a fucking doughnut.