Admit It: This Defense of Voodoo Doughnut Makes Some Solid Points


People on the internet are stupid. Heavenly Donuts are the best.
what?? Who in Portland rolls their eyes at Voodoo? The donuts taste much healthier than other donuts- less sugar I dunno, but I can actually eat a few of voodoo donuts and not get sick. As for the penis thing, I think Portlanders love it.
I just love Voo Doo and so do my family when they visit. Just a fun thing, and they are so darn tasty.
Yep, Heavenly Donuts are the best in the Portland metro area. Even if they spell doughnuts wrong.
Yes Voodoo is gross and stale but when LA can talk shit about Ptown it truly is the end times.
So Blue Star playing Modest Mouse is the equivalent of a Starbucks playing the new Keb Mo? The New Guster? The New Feist? If the Voodoo employees chose to play Lonesome Crowded West would they be lame? Everyone's fried doughpinions are totally valid, it's all ok. My point, I guess, is I'M OLD AND DON'T UNDERSTAND INTERNET TAKES ANYMORE.
Doughnut. Otherwise you might as well start spelling it the Merkyuree. And while no one's saying Voodoo makes "bad" doughnuts, unless you've just had your life sentence commuted or your doctor reversed your orders to steer clear of sugars and glutens, there's no excuse to wait in a long line for doughnuts.
Those of us who have been here long enough used to bring Voodoo Doughnuts to our relatives in other cities because it was one of those things that was unique about Portland. Long before they were popularized by TV.

Now that there are other fine options, they don't look as good in comparison...but for a long while, they were the best thing going.

To me, this sounds like people who have lived here less than 6 years lamenting the loss of "Old Portland". You've not been here long enough to have context.
Who fucking cares about donuts. The real issue here is that Ian Karmel is a fat hack.
I have been telling you for years, your children are so fucked if they go to PPS. Private school is how they get rid of the "untrainables". More white rich privilegeds segregated. And the world turns...