GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Ooh baby, anytime my world gets crazy, all I have to do to calm it, is just think of you. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

And the lead panic continues: The city is now being blamed for not acting quickly enough to reduce lead levels at the Multnomah Arts Center in Southwest Portland.

PPS Superintendent Carole Smith sent out a letter to parents over the weekend, taking responsibility for the district's bungling of lead tainted water fountains, and has hired a firm to do an independent investigation.

While last week's oil tanker derailment in Mosier was really bad, at least it didn't crash into a National Scenic Area lake which was only 800 feet away. So there's that?

The National Coalition Against Censorship is slamming Portland for getting rid of school books that question that humans are causing climate change. What?

The Bridgetown Comedy Festival came to a hilarious conclusion last night, and the Mercury comedy review squad was all up in it! Check out reviews and recaps here!

It was super hot this weekend, guys! How hot was it? It was SO HOT it affected the Oregonian's ability to write a sensible headline: "Weekend heatwave broke records like a broken record."

Hillary Clinton is barnstorming through California, for while she doesn't need the state to clinch the nomination, it won't look so great if she doesn't.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders just keeps on being Bernie.

The GOP is begging Trump to stop being such an orange-tinted racist asshole. (Guys. You can't do anything about him being an asshole.)

Two NPR journalists were killed in Afghanistan, after the convoy they were traveling with came under fire.

The father of a Stanford student convicted for multiple sexual assaults is defending his d-bag son, because? D-BAGS BEGET D-BAGS.

Scientists have created a part human/part pig embryo.


Kanye West performs a surprise concert in Manhattan last night, and chaos ensues.

Now let's check the HOT WEATHER outside: Surprise! Gonna be HOT! The high today will be 88, and will slowly cool off during the week.

And finally, think your life would be better if you wore a suit of armor all the time? Well... maybe it would, and maybe it wouldn't. Watch this medieval knight trying to get through a normal day.