The current study on how the parking permits and meters have actually caused too much vacancy will be interesting; I remember the parking SAC discussing how several blocks in a row on 21st sit empty now.
"There are many, many things we should be trying first. Try to think of some while you're driving around, and around, and around, looking for a space, and let us know."
What needs to be done to correct this parking issue is obvious: increase the yearly permit cost.

Currently, $60 per year ($5.00 per month) is all that is required to park a car indefinitely in the Zone M NW Portland parking zone. That is absurdly low for an area near the city center (avg. ~ $200 per month for Pearl/Downtown). Consequently, storing rarely used cars long term on the curbside is incentivized, which is puzzling as it is a public roadway maintained by taxpayer dollars.

Increase the permit cost to something reasonable in line with comparable areas in the city center and you'll see a reduction in the perma-parked curb-garaged cars with 2 inches of pollen and dust accumulated from lack of use.

Of course, given the political climate in PDX, this will not be considered as it would increase monthly costs of living. It would fix the problem though, and seems to be a very reasonable solution if you are logical and recognize parking a car for free (or next to free) is not a right.
"rational", the $5/mo thing was discussed. "crazy-cheap" I think the mayor said. Novick's "toolkit" should help.
rational?: a permit doesn't allow you to park indefinitely, it only lets you park longer than the signed visitor hours... you're still not allowed to remain parked over 24 hours on any city street no matter what parking permit you have...

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