Man Who Pulled a Gun on Protesters Had a Concealed Handgun License, According to Police Chief


Just curious, why would it matter if he had a concealed carry permit? If someone points a firearm at someone else not in self defense and they aren't killed in the process they should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. It's a permit to carry a weapon, not a permit to commit gun crimes.
He said people were coming at him. What about the story that an ex-member of the black panther movement took the gun away from him? What about the story the protesters had to wait 10 minutes for the police to arrive to help?

This crazy guy would have been shot on the spot if he were a black man. I just don't get it Portland. If he was so afraid that he thought the protesters were coming at him, maybe he should not have been standing in front of them as they were protesting. If he is so damn paranoid, what the hell is he doing with a permit for a concealed weapon? Next we will hear he is the son of some protected special big shot.
He won't even be able to own guns if these charges stick. Glad no one got hurt.
Boy, this 2nd Amendment is working out just great.
If everyone carried guns, like the gun advocates would like us to do, then .... this guy would no longer be a burden on the public.