As Springwater Sweep Looms, Mayor Charlie Hales Says Camping Policy "Has Not Succeeded As We Hoped"


Call them Halesvilles!
I think the timing is interesting, and it has everything to do with Hales' resume. He is angling for a well-paid lobbying job (or some such thing). Willamette Week comes out with an unflattering headline (Portland has country's largest camps) and all of a sudden he responds.
"People don’t think it’s safe to be on a community trail," Hales said this morning. "That's not okay." He added that "camping in large groups tends to allow behavior that’s unacceptable. There have been increasing problems, including victimization of some of the people who live there."

No fucking shit, asshole. It only took you about a year or more to realize this. Dick. Just go. Can you even maybe end your miserable term early?
...Camping Policy "Has Not Succeeded As We Hoped."

Pretty sure this is a tacit admission that Hales' policy was based purely on hope. I wish we could go back and elect a Ouija Board for mayor. It probably would've done a better job. Hales... Whatta boob!!!