Follow the rules/constitution when it works for you; the GOP way.
It is the doublespeak party.

Claim that "When Hillary lied (4) troops died" ignore Bush era lies that drug us to an unfinished war that killed hundreds of thousands of people and set the stage for entities like ISIS to fill the vacuum.

Focusing in on Hillary's email scandal ignoring the bush era scandal involving an actual RNC lead cover-up.

Claim Obama's era eroded our freedoms, when the Patriot Act was the largest erosion to date. We now have protest or free-speech zones -- this was a bush era invention.

Claiming citizens united is pay back for "big labor", which is a shadow of what it was. Even in it's hay-day was the collective will of working class people (by-in-large) - much more than our current system of 500~1,000 people that matter.

The sad thing about the "trump movement" is it really just highlights how dumb (or easily lead) a swath of our populous is.

Maybe the apparent meltdown of fox news will create better food sources. I somehow doubt it.

Abdication of your constitutional responsibility in hopes that your party might be able to rail road the next 20+ years of judicial rein is tantamount to treason. We the people are the ones who should be chanting lock'em up!

The GOP is rotten - it needs to be chucked. We all deserve better.

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