Most Of City Council Now Supports A Massive Homeless Shelter at NW Portland's Terminal 1


Fish, after 60-100 million dollars it will no longer be an aging warehouse. But even if so, I don't think the Hansen building or a pissed on sidewalk is much better. And it is a very ideal location, just not so for the trendy California condo dwellers next door who mysteriously managed to get away with breaking the industrial zoning code out there.

Were bunker housing like this on the free rental market with no strings and time limits attached, then we'd make money off the homeless issue and homelessness would not be much of an issue in the first place. We'd also be the one city to break the monopoly which the concept of physical privacy holds over the rental market. It is a good start though, but one question; half of it is transitional housing right? Two year time limit and 'graduation' required? does it charge rent? Because we could knock out a good chunk of that 15 million annual operating budget if it did charge people just $200-$300/ month (assuming that 15 mill did not account for this option). Any other significant restrictions in place?

Okay that was four questions. In either case, it is a hell of a start to legitimizing what is fundamentally a different way of life (lack of property ownership and privacy), one which simply lacks options on the free rental market.