The Bachelorette Recap: Final Episode—Sorry to Have Wasted Your Time


Two questions: Did Jojo's mom have plastic surgery or does she need plastic surgery?
Second question: who was the brunette with Jojo's family who didn't say a word? An ugly duckling sister?
Man, if you watched that After Final Rose live special right after, they do not look happy. Jojo looked like she was crawling out of her skin to get away from him, and meanwhile, Ben and Lauren were in the audience giving the kind of sympathetic faces that can only come from a reasonably happy couple watching another couple pretend everything is fine.
The recaps were good fun. Not sure about ever watching the show, but I've enjoyed your columns. Surely there is some other terrible tv you can recap for us next?
Wait, no. Recap BIP!!!! I don't even watch the show anymore, I just come for the Bachelor recaps. Pleeeease.