A New Bike/Pedestrian Bridge Is Coming to NW Portland—And Spurring Some Debate


Glisan has a crossing for peds and cyclists that is really dangerous- the sidewalk is only on one side, the same side that has an onramp and offramp from the freeway with high traffic volume (and right-hand turns).

Everett also has only one sidewalk, which goes across road and onramp on one side and busy roads on the other. No marked crosswalks on the 'downtown' side either.
Exactly, the thought that this project is unnecessary because there are already crossings at Everett and Glisan is complete BS; both of those crossings are dangerous, substandard crossings for pedestrians and cyclists primarily due to the freeway on and off ramps incorporated into those crossings. In fact, almost locations where city streets and freeway on and off ramps mingle are extremely dangerous and unpleasant for non-motorized road users.
Sure it's dangerous and unpleasant. But not by East Portland standards.