The Portland Man Accused of Murdering A Black Teenager Is Connected to A White Supremacist Gang


Put him away, never again to be a free man.
So glad this hate crime was recorded in some way. Still sad that the police report refers to the murderer as "Mr. Courtier" and the victim as "black male". One more example that even an apparently honest police report reveals a disregard for the humanity of the victim.
I'm at least comforted that he looks really proud of his "BITCH" tattoo. I'm guessing he and Bubba still keep in touch.
Who is "bubba"?
These pos prison gang members are also living on the Springwater Corridor, but that doesn't fit the narrative about the "houseless", so nobody from WW or the MERC will confirm this with the Portland Police. The sweep last spring on the Ave. of Terror happened because an undercover cop on the corridor discovered white supremacist prison gangs. I can't confirm that they were EK. Follow up, someone, please.

I hope that fugly girlfriend goes to jail too. I can't imagine the pain that the victim's family feels. My heart goes out to them.
OLive still has not updated their story on this case to include the white supremacist angle. I guess they don't read the Mercury.…
^@ Ben Dejo: Think prison+bitch. "Bubba" is the consummate name for that cell mate that represents everyone's worst nightmare. I was just taking a sliver of humor out of this terrible story by pointing out that he is stupid enough to be proud of his "bitch" tattoo which was clearly inked in prison. Hopefully he and Bubba will be spending a long time together.
The victim's Facebook is Nell Bruce.
The victim has a Facebook
Nell Bruce
Are 'Hate Crimes' usually charged in state court or federal court? I'm not certain, but I think Federal charges for murder from a Hate Crime would be harsher than a murder from a 'Hate Crime' in state/county court would be. ( I'm referring to Multnomah a state court which it is). Where are the Federal prosecutors now? Looking for teenage boys with a half a joint to press charges against? My god, Oregon is so backwards it defies logic.
I just found this article breaking down charges for murder stemming from a hate crime and whether it should be charged in state or federal court.…