Portland Tenants United

ICYMI: A group of East Portland tenants has taken the fight to head off a massive rent increase to a novel place: Their landlord's neighborhood. The Ash Street Tenants Association is making the case to people that their neighbor's a slumlord.

Some surprising polling news yesterday: Measure 97, the highly contentious $3 billion corporate tax hike Oregonians will vote on in November, has exceedingly favorable marks less than two months from election day. Polling released yesterday suggests 60 percent of likely voters support the measure—many of them strongly. That could change as election day nears, if 2014's GMO-labeling measure is any indicator.

"I don't think that any business or neighborhood should have to go through what we've gone through"
: Hey, Bullseye Glass now has filters that mean it stopped pumping dangerous metals into its neighborhood's air, and now it's getting all sniffy about it. Cool.

The 21-year-old driver who ran down a 15-year-old girl on Hawthorne last month now faces a stepped-up felony charge: First-degree manslaughter.

Jules Bailey lost the race for Portland mayor. He won a gig overseeing bottle returns in the state.

The developers pushing a huge, permanent homeless campus at Terminal 1 appear a little too certain Mayor-elect Ted Wheeler and City Commissioner Steve Novick are on board. The website for the proposed Harbor of Hope project listed Novick and Wheeler as supporters. Both men asked that their names be taken off the site.

Soon—maybe even today—you'll know what your Uber fare is before you hop in the car.

In other news: This is a thing that is currently on the Tribune's website.


"I Got Burned By A Dictionary": That Slate writer who Merriam-Webster's social media team served up the other day reflects on how they were "dicks".

So now Donald Trump did an interview on a Russian state propaganda organwith Larry King?

“This calculation by Trump unnerves me to my core.”: All this Putin coziness is not helping the candidate's credibility within his own party.

Meanwhile a contractor who defied Congressional orders and deleted Hillary Clinton's emails has received immunity from prosecution, the NYT reports.

Brinksmanship continues in North Korea, which just did another nuke test and claims to have achieved game-changing weapons technology. "It will raise serious worries in many world capitals that North Korea has moved another step closer to its goal of a nuclear-armed missile that could one day strike the U.S. mainland."

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