Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City


The fact that Portland is growing even less diverse is also bad news for white people - not just people of color. A more diverse and integrated city offers a richer life for everyone.
I seriously don't see how this is even an issue. People simply move where they move and live where they live, and anyone with any knowledge of sociology and runs a comparison of countries that are heterogeneous versus those that are homogeneous will see that in fact people tend to get along better more when they are pretty much the same (Iceland as opposed to Pakistan, for example). This is starting to feel a little hyper-liberal New World Order to me; “You will all love each other OR ELSE!” Except that it seems to lay the burden of this on whites while turning a blind eye to infractions against this purportedly exalted ideal committed by those who aren't. I can say confidently that I'm getting little love from my black peers on the streets and in housing; as such, I feel little love in return.