It doesnt sound like anything theyve played before.
It doesn't sound like anything they've played before. The Doubleclicks

Today, the Doubleclicks are debuting a video for their new song, "Lord of the Rings," and it's unlike anything they've played before. In the words of Portland's beloved geek-folk sister-duo, it's "a serious song about triggers that remind someone of an abusive relationship, and processing and therapy to deal with that (AKA many reasons the Doubleclicks haven't released a new song in almost a year)."

It addresses these things in a way that's sensitive and quiet, with all of the nerd references you'd come to expect from Aubrey and Angela. And whether the specifics resonate for you or not, it's nice to know there's a song out there about not letting your asshole ex ruin Lord of the Rings for you forever.

Watch it here:

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If you've been to the Doubleclicks' variety show at Kickstand Comedy Space—or any comedy show—you'll recognize some familiar faces here, including stand-ups Caitlin Weierhauser, Lucia Fasano, Lewis Sequeira, and Sophya Vidal.

This song and video (directed by Quinn Allen) read as a real progression for the Doubleclicks, without losing what makes them sound like themselves: It's a serious, grown-up tune that doesn't completely kill the whimsy. Which is kind of the point.