The director Tim Burton has finally explained why there are no black people (or people of color) in almost all his films. It's not that he dislikes blacks or anything like that, but, let's face it, he makes films about white people, the things white people like to do, and the places white people like to live. Now if he just dumb plops people of color in his pictures, it will ruin the authenticity of this vision.

Think about it. Would Edward Scissorhands look realistic if he cut a black woman's hair in the famous hair-cutting scene that involves white suburban housewives? No.
I only cut white womens hair. Be cool with that, you POC whiners.
I only cut white women's hair. Be cool with that, you POC whiners. 20th Century Fox

Burton wants us to know that diversity has its limits and no place in his perfectly white fantasy worlds.

Speaking of Tim Burton, check out this review of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
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