The Strange Phenomenon of Women Who Vote Trump


I'm sad now.
It isn't all that shocking, GIVEN that we are only down to 2 choices and Hillary is the other one. i.e., someone who has stood by a womanizer, adulterer and some say rapist for decades...and even participated in trying to silence Bill's partners. Heck, you could also write a similar story on titled "how can women support hillary" and ask the same questions of hillary supporters about her participation in Bill's shenanigans over the years. I certainly won't be voting for Trump, but just pointing out that there really is no good choice here if you are approaching your vote from a "let's vote for the least womanizer-ish / womanizer-enabler-ish candidate".
You're not helping re: sadness, JTR.
This is one situation where you shouldn't take the "red pill". Killary is a viscous war-mongering bitch, but at least she will TRY to promote some kind of balance. DT is already appointing CEOs into the highest governmental positions with extreme conflict of interests. He will pimp our whole country out like a trick on the global street corner.
If one were to order Comment #2 at a restaurant, I suspect it would go something like this...

"I'll take a jumbo word salad topped with pan seared bullshit and the cognitive dissonance vinaigrette on the side. And can you bring me a Zima when you get the chance? Thank you."
Oh, Emilio. Reading comprehension and humor have never been your strong suits (under any of your many portlandmonthly accounts). It's ok, but maybe someone like you really shouldn't make a habit of trying to read and respond to things on the internet. Just a suggestion....
One thing the Trumpies don't get is they are the ones that need the disability checks, the food stamps, the child protective services, the court appointed attorneys, the Secure Rural Schools funds, the free health care because they won't sign up for Obamacare, the free school lunch.... Who gives those entitlements away? Hillary and those dirty progressives.
Jeez JTR, you must have a lot of online haters. Do you just lump them all in to one category and treat them the exact same?

Regardless, I'm pretty sure I interpreted your ridiculous comparison correctly. It just appears that I'm able to see it for the nonsense it really is. You on the other hand, are to simple to understand how dangerous your little reduction "exercise" can be when appealing to nitwits like yourself in the Trump camp.

And I know, I know, "you certainly won't be voting for Trump," but anyone can claim that before or after they've stepped into the voting both and pulled the lever. The real question is...

Will you have the yarbles to admit that you voted for a madman on Nov 8th?