Mike's Drive-In, Longtime Sellwood Burger Joint, May be Demolished (UPDATE: Yup, It's Demolished)


http://www.udplp.com is the website for Urban Development + Partners which, despite the confusingly similar name, is a completely different company to Urban Development Group. All the projects mentioned in the article were developed by UD+P, not UDG.
Thank you, maccoinnich! I have corrected the story. I appreciate your diligence!
We acquire, develop and manage income-producing real estate to maximize triple bottom line returns for all of our partners: investors, tenants and the community.

Since when has "Maximising the triple bottom line" done a damn thing for tenants?

Give me ***** break.
You can't really be upset just because the owner of the property wants to do something different - it's their property to do with as they please, and if they want to maximize the revenue for their business, good on them. If Mike's is that in demand, they can set up shop elsewhere, or even buy a suitable property so they are more in control of their destiny.
@oliver depends on whether you mean the old tenants or the new ones.
Iron Horse is also be demolished. There's yet another pub moving in South of Tacoma & apartments will go up on the DQ lot. Basically Sellwood is the next Division.
I have no problem with the sale, but the Mike's post, and this article, are slightly misleading to imply that UDG is forcing Mike's out or that this is somehow due to an expiring lease. The property was owned by an LLC controlled by the owner of Mike's. Mike's controlled their destiny if they wanted to remain on the site. When they sold to one of the most active apartment developers in the close-in market, the path ahead was apparent to everyone involved.