The city's TV news crews were abuzz last night with news that a young man in a Native American headdress had disarmed a gunman at the MAX stop near East Burnside and 102nd.

According to cops, a teen suspect was on the train when he was confronted by an adult man he knew. An argument ensued, and the teen wound up firing two shots on the train. KGW reports the headdress-donning stranger waiting at the MAX stop, who goes by Rambo Richardson, "overpowered the gunman, took his weapon and held him down."

Richardson, on Facebook, adds to that account. In a string of posts and replies, Richardson—who says he's a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe and hails originally from North Carolina—says he was "just trying to go get some weed from Oregon's Best Meds and saw someone who could use help, so i did what I would want someone to do for me..."

Richardson also downplays his role in the incident, writing: "I didn't really do much though, the guy getting shot at had him in a pretty good headlock when I took the gun from the shooter."

And he writes in another post: "While I appreciate the media trying to make me look good, since this is not my first vigilante act in Portland, I can not take full credit. I did remove the gun from the equation and hold it until the cops arrived, but the intended target is the one who actually overpowered the shooter and his cousin is the one who called the cops. I was only helping out my fellow brother and helped calm the crowd until the best police in the US arrived...the Portland PD!"