A very exciting press release hit the Mercury inbox yesterday, bearing this wonderful subject line:

David Duchovny LIVE in Portland on Friday, February 17, 2017!

And indeed, it is true—Duchovny will be appearing at the Aladdin Theater on that very date. I eagerly read the rest of the press release to find out more. I scrolled through the customary artist bio (with bore delicious factoids like "David splits his time between Los Angeles and New York and remains the only actor to have won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television series in both the Comedy and Drama categories") but, strangely, could not find any sort of description of the Duke's upcoming performance.


Would Double D be speaking? Reading from one of his two actual novels? Trying out his one-man-show version of Californication? Spouting delightfully Mulderesque conspiracy theories for 120 minutes? He couldn't be... no... he wouldn't be coming to play music, would he?

The press release held no answers for me, nor did the event page on the Aladdin's website.

But the Facebook event page revealed all:

David and his band will be performing songs from his 2015 debut Hell or Highwater along with some brand new tracks.

This new information immediately raised another tantalizing question: What sort of music does David Duchovny make? Blues, I assumed. Right? Had to be blues. I bet El Dukovnia really knows his way around a mean 'n' slippery harmonica solo.

Well, thanks to more Facebook searching, I discovered the answer (and also learned about the existence of a special group of fans of David Duchovny, who call themselves Duchovniacs, which is just plain terrific). If you want to know too, click the jump, but just remember that once you do, you can't un-learn.

The sort of music that David William Duchovny, part-time resident of both LA and NYC and two-time Golden Globe winner, makes is...





...kind of like the Wallflowers? Correction: It's exactly like the Wallflowers. Pleasant folky dad rock with the very weird bonus ingredient of Mulder's voice doing the singing. It makes me feel funny. There's even a song called "Positively Madison Avenue" which I'm pretty sure was the name of a Wallflowers song which was also the name of a song by Bob Dylan (that's Jakob Dylan Senior to you).

So if you want to be in the room when Sir David Duchovny and his band performs songs from his 2015 album Hell or Highwater—along with some brand new tracks!—be advised that tickets go on sale next Friday at 10 am. Here are the full details:

* The VIP Soundcheck Party Experience: (AKA the $125 ticket)
- 30 Minute soundcheck party
- 1 Group Photo posted to David's Social Media page (groups of 10-15). A link will also be made available to download the original images.
- Priority entry into the venue

Tickets are $30 & $125* | $5 increase day of show

Password pre-sale begins Wednesday,November 9 at 10AM PST and concludes Thursday, November 10 at 11:59PM PST.

Pre-sale password: DAVID

On Sale: Friday, November 11 at 10AM PST

Tickets are available online through: http://ticketf.ly/2ewVncR
Tickets are also available at the Aladdin Theater Box Office, or by calling 877-435-9849.

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Minors Under 21 with Parent or Legal Guardian | GA
Doors are at 6:30 PM | Show at 7:30 PM

So yeah. David Duchovny's coming to Portland to play some music. You can see him, if you like.

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