No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance.


This is an excellent piece. Not only does it factually state just how big of an entitled, horrible man-child of privilege Trump really is, but it then frames the conversation by asking "why would any sane person trust such a man-child?".

You make many solid and cogent points, but those only connect with educated and informed citizens. America is practically running on empty in that department.

That said, the Dems have a ton of soul searching to do. To lose to scum like Trump, Hillary clearly couldn't connect with half of the country on any level. The Dems fucked up royally when they anointed her as their candidate and effectively squashed Bernie's legitimate chance to win the nomination.

At some point, the left needs to understand that they can't legislate true equality or inclusion. They did a horrible job explaining to poor white trash, that Trump (and his ilk) are largely responsible for their socio-economic standing and lack of opportunity. They did a horrible job of explaining to the same white trash that are cashing in on entitlements, and stand to lose quite a bit when Trump starts slashing social safety nets, funding for real education, and consumer protection services.

It all starts with quality education for everyone. And by quality, I mean teaching critical thinking, math, science, and true literacy. Institutionalized ignorance is America's cancer, and it metastasized Tuesday night. But don't gloat Dems. You're also front and center on this issue too. Under the microscope of intellectual honesty, liberals don't get a pass on neglecting educational standards just because they throw more money at the issue.

I can't stand Hillary Clinton, but the educated and informed voter in me understood that I had to get past that disgust and support the only candidate qualified to be president. Anyone that believes Trump is qualified for that office is delusional. I think it's safe to say that they voted for Trump because they want to see this country burn to the ground. It probably won't happen, but now is probably a pretty good time for the right to start asking themselves why that is.

You just don't hand over the keys to a 747 to someone who can barely drive a golf cart. But that's what the right decided to do on Tuesday. In just a few short months, we'll all start reaping what those voters and the incompetent and out of touch liberal establishment have sown.
Point of fact, the Republican Senators got together after Obama was sworn in and, led by Mitch McConnell, promised to do everything they could to make Obama a one term president. They did not give Obama a chance, why should we give Trump a chance?
Big surprise, another Portland weekly writer asserts their right to throw a temper tantrum and be an embarrassment to the real liberals.

Shouldn't you be in your safe space now anyway?
OMG. Get a grip.

Consider this: Hillary was going to get us into a war with Russia. Oh yeah, she was. We bombed Syrian troops in our little illegal war and the Russians brought in surface-to-air missiles and threatened to shoot down US planes. Hillary continued to talk about installing a no-fly zones and the evils of Putin. There was war coming.

How about we avoided a nuclear war by not voting in Hillary the war monger. Yes, she says all the right democratic things to her audience back home. But the woman has blood on her hands in Libya and Syria. So does Obama. You cowardly people on the Left. You want to protect Muslims? You want to help refugees? How about getting off your asses and protesting our illegal wars and continued regime changes 15 years after 9/11.
I did give Trump a chance. Then he nominated Steve Bannon to be his chief strategist and senior adviser. I'm not giving Trump any more chances.
Careful albert, you're talking about Jarhead's imaginary best friend.