Thursday's Riot Also Shattered the New Push for Oregon Secession


One of the dumbest ideas to come out of Oregon.
As a life long Oregonian, who has long felt that the Federal Government is unresponsive and dismissive of Oregon and her needs. I would love to see Oregon succeed from the US. The US Government has mostly used Oregon as a resource opportunity, a colony, and a source of cannon fodder for it's illegal and immoral wars. I have had enough of it. I understand the petitioners withdrawal when they personally are being threatened, but using last night's protests as a reason for withdrawal is just lame.

Notice how the first night it was peaceful, but later evenings the cops come armed for bear, and oh look, suddenly there are all these "anarchists", who are actually police informants and agent provocateurs. Paid instigators whose job it is to coax, encourage, and pressure, the more volatile protest participants into property damage to discredit the whole movement. Know your history, this underhanded police tactic has been repeated every time there is a movement that challenges power, but too many people don't want to believe the US works that way. Sorry folks the US works exactly that way, and has at least since WW2.