To those of you who had money on "Lin-Manuel Miranda will help make Patrick Rothfuss' blockbuster fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicle into a movie/TV series with original music that at some point might also become a Broadway show," TIME TO CASH IN! Good job predicting something that no one else on the planet predicted!

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will be the creative producer behind an ambitious feature film and TV series adaptation of Pat Rothfuss’ fantasy book trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle, Lionsgate announced Tuesday.

Miranda will serve as a producer and “musical mastermind,” and will compose original music, as well as write the songs. Miranda also has an option to be involved in future stage adaptations of the books as well. (Via.)

As far as fantasy series go, Rothfuss' Kingkiller trilogy is one of those 800-pound gorillas—just about anybody who regularly reads fantasy (and a lot of people who don't) have read and loved the two books that're out so far, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear. (I interviewed Rothfuss a few years ago for The Wise Man's Fear, and had a great time doing so; you can find that conversation here.)

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And for years, there's been talk of the books being adapted for TV or film—including one attempt by Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer. Bringing Miranda on board, though, makes this effort to bring Kingkiller to screens feel pretty legit. (Don't know if you've heard, but Miranda kind of has a lot of sway at the moment.) Knowing how sprawling Rothfuss' Kingkiller saga is—despite not even being finished yet!—also helps explain why Lionsgate has their eye on both a TV and film series. On the surface, it sounds like a similar approach to next year's hybrid adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower novels.

Here's the thing, though: While music definitely plays a big part in the Kingkiller books, one doesn't necessarily read them and go, "You know what? These would make a great musical!" Because they... probably wouldn't? While Miranda's involvement implies music play a big role in whatever adaptations end up happening, I can't imagine these things will be full-on musicals. Though I guess I'd be curious to see Kvothe and Elodin rap, he wrote, typing a sentence he never thought he'd type.