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People all over New England make money every year driving their private vehicles around to plow private roads and parking lots. But I'd guess having PBOT coordinate such a fleet on public roads opens a huge can of worms for liability, coordination, etc. All then of a sudden everyone wants to be a government contractor and get paid to plow your local street. Would be crazy.
Portland needs to pass a law making it illegal to drive a vehicle in the snow that does not have chains or traction devices. So many people were driving around in vehicles that could not handle the conditions.
They did this in Juneau Alaska when I lived there a while back. Not sure how it was managed by the city but those people sure loved to plow the roads. Seemed like everyone had a beat up old 4x4 with a big plow in front and a bunch of sand in the back. I guess you had to use a beater because the plowing would torque the frame something awful and screw up the alignment. Didn't really matter if you never got the truck above 30 I guess, at any rate they sure kept the roads clear.
Hooray! After several seemingly endless years of drought and suffering through way too many months of very un-Oregon heat and relentless sun, I'm beyond delighted by this news. Summer (the kind we have now) oppresses me. Cool and cold weather energizes me. Bring on the cold! The snow! The rain! Hooray!!!!
I do, I do like cold weather. Thank you!

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