In this world where Up can be Down, Black can be White, and a thimbleful of supporters can be stated as the largest crowd at an un-president-ted inauguration, must we adjust to this new era of #AlternativeFacts? John Lovegrove—the jovial Kiwi expat and beer lover who hit 77 Portland area breweries in a day because he’d crunched the numbers to show it was humanly possible—says no: numbers don't lie.

Lovegrove has a keen sense for writing recipes for beer—among his half a dozen collaborations he helped make Feckin' Brewing's popular Top O' the Feckin' Morning coffee stout—and a keener ability to weave through the world of breweries. When people said hitting 77 breweries in a day was impossible, he printed T-shirts for PDX: Brew City, a documentary that includes the stunt, listing the exact times he reached each one.

Alas, facts and statistics are under attack in America. But they cannot be dismissed by a dystopian, political wand. And, viewed en masse, numbers can tell a story. Lovegrove pored through stats about all the past medals won by Oregon breweries throughout the Great American Beer Festival's history. The timing’s a bit inexplicable since the competition is held in October. But perhaps we all wish we were still living in October 2016. He came up with a bunch of stats including the discovery that 58 Oregon breweries have, collectively, earned 345 medals since the Brewers Association starting doling out medals. What follows are the:

Top 10 #FactualFacts about Oregon's GABF medal wins

1. Deschutes is the winningest Oregon brewery, with 43 total medals since 1990.

2. Pelican Brewing is second with 39, and Rogue is 3rd with 29.

3. Bend Brewing has the longest unbroken winning streak, with 10 consecutive years from 2006-2015. Barley Browns has the longest current streak, with 8 years.

4. The most medals won in one year is Pelican, with 5 medals in 2006

5. 2013 was Oregon's best year, with 25 medals.

6. Oregon's first Medals were won in 1987, Portland Ale from Portland Brewing won Bronze, and Widmer's Alt won Silver.

7. Oregon has won 124 Gold, 111 Silver and 110 Bronze, 345 medals total since our first in 1987.

8. The winningest beers are Widmer Hefeweisen and Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale, each have won 8 total medals.

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9. Pelican's Kiwanda Cream Ale also has the most Gold medals, with 4. Thre other beers have 3 Gold medals, Organic Deranger from Laurelwood Brewing, Doryman's Dark Ale from Pelican and Rogue's Smoke Ale.

10. Based on just the last 5 years, Barley Browns is in the lead with 13 Medals, followed by Pelican (10), 10 Barrel (9), Breakside (8), Bend Brewing (7), The Commons (7) and Ground Breaker (formerly Harvester) with 5 - one for every year since they opened.