Portland Landlords Just Sued to Kill New Renter Protections


The way this has been implemented reminds me a lot of the hasty rollout of Trump's ridiculous travel ban. Both are now tied up in court due to ineffective planning / negotiations with stakeholders / failure to do legal homework
Nice try, but this is nothing like anything coming from Donald Trump.

John DiLorenzo and the landlord lobby haven't been interested in negotiating anything --they've simply stonewalled any and all protections for the renters who have been suffering. Those people have waited too long for relief as it is, and finally the City is acting to help them.

It's also false to suggest that the city's ordinance is "tied up in court." Anybody can file a lawsuit. DiLorenzo's claims are meritless and his case will be quickly dismissed.

The people in this city who have been bearing the brunt of the landlords' greed are glad that our Council wasn't intimidated by his empty legal threats.
Euphonius, you are pretty clearly not an attorney. Just because you are angry at "greed" and landlords doesn't make the city ordinance legal under Oregon state law. If you knew how preemption worked, and the relevant state law, it's quite obvious DiLorenzo and the landlords have a pretty strong, if not outright compelling case. Cities cannot pass laws that are in direct conflict with and/or prevent the operation of state law. Same thing with state/federal law.