I'm buying so much more of their stuff now!!
It's basically Patagonia for rednecks.
LOL - I got contacted by their T&A (funny that acronym) and told I was a "great" candidate & they were "really interested" in talking to me about several jobs. Then my contact failed to respond to any of my six responses. Guess I dodged a bullet there.
They are and have been in Portland, the new location is expansion. Why they'd do that in this anti-business environment is beyond me, but take the charity and be thankful they're here paying taxes and creating jobs. Or not. The rest of us are moving forward and getting stuff done. Join us when you get past the impotent rage. I get it, was livid eight years ago when an inexperienced theorist somehow got elected. He did some damage, but nothing that couldn't be worked around. Didn't matter much after a while. All that anger? It really doesn't hurt anyone but you.
You are against a President who wants to bring jobs back to the US, help our Veterans get decent healthcare, roll back a healthcare system that is anything but affordable, deport ILLEGAL criminals, AND prevent terrorists from coming here to kill people like you and those you love? You're a special kind of stupid aren't you?

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