Look for this label when looking for Trump-supporting clothing.
Look for this label when looking for Trump-supporting clothing.

Yesterday I went on a rant about how Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour (the uniform for douchebags who don't work out), gave an interview to CNBC pledging his support for Trump, saying (from Business Insider)...

"He wants to build things he wants to make bold decisions and be really decisive," Plank said, referring to Trump's plans to build a border wall and pass a large infrastructure improvement bill.

Read the rest here. Anyway, this is of note because a) Under Armour is opening up a corporate office here in Portland in a few months, and b) as said before, their clothes are ugly and inappropriate for public wear. The good news today is that Grab Your Wallet, the site devoted to alerting you to businesses who have supported Trump financially, has added Under Armour to their FYI list of companies you can boycott or complain to if you so choose.


Apparently the calls across social media for a boycott are working, because CEO Kevin Plank is already furiously backpedaling on his previous statements. Nice try, Plank... but nope.

So think twice about supporting this loathsome company. However! I do understand that there are readers who may disagree... like this person who emailed me.

Thanks I'm sure all those Bro-dudes in the military that "never" workout who wear Under Armor will double and triple their orders thanks to an article written by such a pussy. Your article is being shared at light speed. Under Armor appreciates the free advertisement. We the people appreciate knowing you hate them and Trump. We especially appreciate giving us the proper motivation to go out and buy, buy, buy. It's idiots like you that are boosting the profits of companies that support Trump exponentially.

Again please keep writing anti Trump shit cause we love it. It keeps us in the know of who to buy our stuff from

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Thanks again douchebag snowflake.—Derek Ross

Happy to oblige, Derek! (I think I hit a nerve! By the way, here's my email.)