"TL;DR: Once I stopped being a person with needs, my husband liked me more!"

:) Hah! It's surprising to me that these 'helpful' guides for the lil lady continue (and continue...and continue) to crop up. Burbank and the Mercury calling this shite what it is incredibly refreshing.
"...what it is is incredibly refreshing." dammit! short on ises....
Ditto what Sister Brute said.
Dear Suzanne Venker, if being the alpha is so damn exhausting, why do you want your beloved husband to have to do it? Don't you love him enough to take on 200% of the relationship work? No? Well I guess you are just a shadow of the self-sacrificing woman you were brought up to be IN THE 1700s.

Sweet jesus that woman makes me tired. It's like listening to my ultra-right-wing aunt go on about how marriage is ALWAYS better for women in spite of the fact that women lose years off our lifespans for it. And apparently the men gain them, like they are draining batteries.

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