You guys are really starting to hurt my feelings.
"You guys are really starting to hurt my feelings." Win McNamee / Getty

Public Policy Polling—who released this very illuminating poll two weeks ago—has been very busy as of late, gauging the nation's temperature on how they feel about our new president and how he and his cohorts in the GOP are doing. The answer, according to the American public, is NOT SO GOOD. Here are just a few of the very interesting results from PPP's latest national poll released last night.


Just three weeks into his administration, voters are already evenly divided on the issue of impeaching Trump with 46% in favor and 46% opposed. Support for impeaching Trump has crept up from 35% 2 weeks ago, to 40% last week, to its 46% standing this week. While Clinton voters initially only supported Trump's impeachment 65/14, after seeing him in office over the last few weeks that's gone up already to 83/6.


Voters are concerned about Trump taking away Obamacare. 47% of voters now say they support the Affordable Care Act to only 39% who are opposed. It just keeps getting more popular. And only 32% think the best course of action to take on health care is repealing the ACA, while 65% would like Congress to keep it and just fix parts that need fixing.


By a 48/43 spread, voters do think that the intent of the Executive Order is to be a Muslim ban. And just 22% support a Muslim ban, to 65% who are opposed. The order has also increasingly raised issues about Trump's competence in voters' eyes- only 27% think the Executive Order was well executed, to 66% who think it was poorly executed. The spread on that question was 39/55 when we asked last week.

ON TRUMP FIGHTING WITH THE JUDICIARY (check out the last sentence of this):

Voters are concerned by the implications of Trump's fight with the Judiciary. 53% of voters say they trust Judges more to make the right decisions for the United States, to only 38% who trust Trump more. And only 25% of voters think Trump should be able to overturn decisions by Judges that he disagrees with, to 64% who don't think he should be able to do that. Trump voters have evidently had enough of the Constitution and those pesky checks and balances though- 51% of them think he should personally be able to overturn decisions he doesn't agree with, to only 33% who dissent.

Sounds like Trump voters should think about moving to another country. There's a lot more very interesting information in these poll numbers, including Americans' views on Trump's cabinet choices, transparency concerns, and foreign policy. It's a good reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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